SAINT PATRICK’S PLATE A Cookery Book Inspired By The Saint And His Saga Out now!

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Written by acclaimed chef, author and raconteur Terry McCoy, Saint Patrick’s Plate is a book that brings to life recipes from the 5th century as St. Patrick and his followers traversed Ireland spreading the gospel.

 Despite his worldwide fame, this is the first book to intertwine the legends of St. Patrick with recipes featuring the culinary history of his era.

 The food and cooking from St. Patrick’s time was healthy, high in energy values, and free from modern methods of preservation and extension of shelf life. With the recent movement back to shoots and roots in full swing, Saint Patrick’s Plate explores a healthy diet, inspired by the saint and his saga, with

 ingredients still available today.

 The recipes in Saint Patrick’s Plate are derived from cooking methods used in the 5th century and the ingredients that were available to St. Patrick. All the recipes are easy to produce, and for the most part, preparation time is around 30 minutes.

Legend has it that St. Patrick founded his first Church on St. Patrick’s Island, just off the Skerries coast, where Terry calls home. It is therefore fitting that a legendary Irish Chef who is indelibly connected with Skerries, should be the first to create a cookery book using ingredients and methods from St. Patrick’s time in Ireland.

 There are over 60 recipes in Saint Patrick’s Plate and there is something for everyone – from first time cooks to more accomplished chefs who want to add to their repertoires. Recipes include fabulous seafood dishes, tasty snacks and starters, mouth-watering desserts, as well as homemade stocks, pasta, jams,

 cheese, wine, beer, gin and much more.

 These recipes sit alongside beautifully illustrated images, fabulous photos and are interspersed with stories and legends.

 This book is the perfect gift for aspiring chefs, homecooks and everyone interested in finding out about the healthy foods that St. Patrick may have eaten.



The expression “a life well lived” could easily be applied to describe Terry Mc Coy’s journey through life thus far. Terry has been a chef for more than 50 years and has been lucky enough to travel the world and earn a living from cooking through his passion for food. Along the way, Terry has represented Ireland in international cooking competitions and appeared in several cookery programmes on TV including “Pot Luck” and “Ready, Steady, Cook”.

In the early 1980’s, Terry established the Red Bank Restaurant in Skerries, Co. Dublin along with his late wife Margaret. They specialised in seafood in the former bank premises and the Red Bank restaurant became a critically acclaimed destination venue of choice for the discerning diner.

Since settling in Skerries, Terry has been fascinated by the story of St. Patrick and the legends associated with him.