Rose Gold Trinity Knot Mo Anam Cara Coin Pendant S45796

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This beautiful Rose Gold Trinity Knot Coin Pendant consists of a coin holder with a rose gold colored coin. The coin features the Trinity knot on one side, and the Irish phrase “Mo Anam Cara” on the other. The tale of the Trinity Knot in this pendant dates back centuries, when monks devoted themselves to illustrating the gospels. The result was the richly decorated knot-work which today is instantly recognisable as Irish, and evokes Celtic culture. The Trinity Knot is symbolic of eternal life and the timeless nature of the human spirit. “Mo Anam Cara” loosely translates from Irish as “Soulmate”. Anam is the Irish word for “soul” while Cara translates to “friend”. Coupling this phrase with the symbolism of the trinity knot makes this pendant a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.