Ladies Herringbone Wool Coat IRISH MADE

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Ladies Herringbone Wool Coat

If you’re tired of the latest trends in winter fashion and admire the classiness of vintage pieces, then you will adore this Herringbone Coatigan. This coat is beautifully reminiscent of fashion from the 1960s, as it features an exquisite herringbone pattern that would be worn by the likes of fashion royalty like Jackie Kennedy. The elevated collar features fine ribbing and lines that beautifully frame the neck with distinction. Make this luxurious sweater a special gift for a woman with vintage glam style!

Available in Natural/Navy and Natural/Navy Herringbone  

Sizes XS to XXL 

■ 30% Merino Wool and 70% Acrylic - This coat is made of 30% Merino wool and 70% acrylic. Wool is known for its strength, breathability, and softness. Acrylic is also very durable and soft.
■ Elegant Herringbone Pattern - Making this wool coat effortlessly sharp and elegant is the refined herringbone pattern that dresses it up with mesmerizing, geometric movement. This pattern shows off two tones that create a subtle contrast that pleases the eye.
■ Precious Care - This coat is strong and resilient but requires gentle care to ensure that you get the most out of this sweater. For best results, hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended.